KJ (kjas) wrote in busy_bored,

now for a poem..

..mostly inspired from dreams, mental and deceiving situations, and some twists of my imagination...

Find a dream
Pass a dream
Of circus and clowns
marching through town
on a float made for three
Rolling on down
from a root beer glass tree

A display case tunnel
of costumes and things
Glowing from edges with
drifting people on strings

Green clouds on the ground
and grey in the air,
white in the middle
And a strange sound

The source of this was a broken fiddle
that was tossed away
that lost it's soul and the hands to play
It creaked and scratched for a beautiful sound
Instead it's pain echoed around

The cold cement lay across your back
below the earth the sun is behind you
the night above so dark to blind you
When you couldn't grasp a star to pocket
you gave up and decided to lock it
You turned around and peeled the asphault
torn like paper, the sun shown through
What will happen to night because of you

Imagine your feet wet from a field
One of faded blue but inverted flowers
That turned inside-out in a simple few hours

Together for once
a lifetime of a year
holidays just once
an excuse for no fear
until it happened once
when they suddenly grew bitter
And ignored you out
like a scrap of litter.

You blew away
past companions and friends
Whom you thought that were there
But there's just no affair
They whirled away
as you tumble through dust
dust that grew thicker
when your heart beat quicker
You were once there but why did you bust
Only because you found who to trust?

Was that truth or misconception
a cause of you to have preconception
Stay out and wander
stuck to wonder
until that wide-open door is found
back with family
back with friends
back with home
you're forever alone

Finding some beauty in a dim meadow
camera in hand to seal a shadow
The sun and fog, a candle's glowing wick.
Admiring a fox or maybe a deer,
Though once you got closer,
they were animatronic.
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